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Delivering Excellence in Export Services

Welcome to Satara Exports, a premier global exporter dedicated to sharing the richness of India with the world. Rooted in a heritage of quality and sustainability, we connect global communities to the finest products from India’s fertile lands & industries. We offer the world a taste of India’s diversity while upholding the highest standards of quality and integrity. 

Global Reach, Local Expertise

We take pride in our ability to bridge the gap between global needs and local expertise.

Customized Global Solutions

We recognize the diversity of versatile products worldwide. That’s why we provide customized solutions to meet your unique needs!

Our Service

Products We Deal in


Exporting agricultural Support products like Cocopeat blocks, Coir Pith Grow bags, and Vermicompost is hassle-free with us.


Exporting coir products like coir mats, coir ropes, and coir pots is effortless with us.


Exporting unique designed Blue Potteries and high quality designed Moroccan Tiles is seamless with us.


Areca Leaf Plates & Bowls

Exporting eco-friendly products like Areca Leaf Plates and Bowls is a breeze with us.

The Reasons

Why Choose Us?

Quality Product

We Don't compromising on quality. We maintain the highest quality standards in all our products and services.

Timely Deliveries

Your satisfaction is paramount, and we ensure prompt product delivery, every time.

Competitive Pricing

Our commitment to competitive pricing means you get excellent value without sacrificing product quality.

Our Service

Working Process for Services

Ocean Freight

Dependable and economical for large-scale exports, ideal for bulk orders.

Air Freight

Rapid global delivery via air for time-sensitive shipments

Rail Freight

Cost-effective and secure transport using extensive rail networks.

Road Freight

Flexible and safe delivery by road, ensuring timely arrival of your products

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Effortless Import-Export, Streamline Process

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