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At Satara Exports, we welcome you to embark on an exceptional journey unlike any other. As a distinguished name in the realm of Coir product exports, we are dedicated to offering you a remarkable selection of high-quality and sustainable Coir products that epitomize the essence of eco-friendly solutions worldwide.

At Satara Exports, we are on a mission to revolutionize the Coir industry, bringing a fresh perspective to sustainable living. With our experience and research work, we always seek for the best coir products for your satisfaction and try to explore vivid varieties!

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At Satara Exports, we take immense pride in presenting our diverse and thoughtfully curated Coir product range, ready to be exported to enhance eco-conscious living around the globe.

Coir Pots

[ HS Code-56090010 ]

Coir Scrubber

[ HS Code-56090010 ]

Coir Fibre Rope

[ HS Code-56079010 ]

Coco Shell Articles

[ HS Code-44219090 ]

Coir Pots

Coco-coir pots are an eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable cultivation pot made of coconut plant fibers. They provide excellent aeration for roots, retain more water than peat pots, and stay moist longer after watering. These sustainable coco coir pots are the perfect alternative to traditional plastic or peat pots, making them a great choice for any gardener looking to be more environmentally conscious in their gardening practices.

  • This product is ideal for planting directly into the soil or larger pots.
  • Keeping root disturbance to a minimum can help ensure stronger and healthier plants.
  • The best potting container for root aeration is one that has good drainage and air circulation.


Coir Scrubber

Coir Scrubber is a versatile product made from coconut fiber.
It has many domestic and industrial applications, and it is gentle on both hands and the environment.
Scrubber is made with Coir and natural rubber latex.

Standard size – 4″ x 3″

Curled Coir Fibre Rope

Coir fibre rope is produced from matured brown fibre. It is widely used for manufacturing coir cushions, beds, carpet underlays, seat cushions, and for insulating drainage pipes.

Coir fibre rope used in mattresses, cushions, and other products is renowned for its strength and durability. Its natural curls provide a bouncy action that adds to the comfort of these items. With international quality standards, it’s not wonder why this material has an undisputed reputation for endurance.


Description Values
18mm – 25mm
25kg – 30kg /bundle
15% (Max.)
15 – 20 Curls
10% (Max.)
Bobbin pack / Cylinder shape
40’HC – 18 to 19 Tones

Coco Shell Articles

We deal in very innovative and rich quality dining tableware made up with Coconut Shell.

All products are exclusively for Export trade only!

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