Areca Leaf Plates and Bowls

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Areca Leaf Plates and Bowls : Your Eco-friendly Partner

Areca plates are crafted from the leaf sheaths of the Areca Palm tree also known as Betel Nut tree which are abundantly available and cultivated in India!

A handsome, single-stemmed tropical palm with broad, glossy green feather-shaped leaves protruding from a green crown-shaft and having a narrow, upright habit. The stem is solitary, slender and prominently marked with annulated scars of fallen fronds; its diameter varies from 40-50 cm.

The leaves are collected, pressure washed to remove dirt and debris, sun dried for preservation, then molded into their plate or bowl form using heat and pressure. These sustainable plates and bowls provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposable materials.

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At Satara Exports, we take immense pride in presenting eco-friendly products like Areca Leaf Plates and Bowls.

Areca Leaf Plate

[ HS Code-46021919 ]

Areca Leaf Bowl

[ HS Code-46021919 ]

Areca Leaf Plate

Areca Leaf Bowl


Product Category Size (Diameter)
Plate (Round | Slope)
6” | 7” | 8” | 10” | 12” | 14”
Plate (Square)
4*4 | 6*6 | 7*7 | 8*8 | 10*10
Plate (Compartment)
9*9 (Square 3 Compartments)

10*10 (Square 4 Compartments)

10” (Round 3 Compartments)

12” (Round 4 Compartments)
Bowl (Round | Deep Square)
3.5” | 4” | 4.5” | 5” | 5.5” | 6” | (Round)

3*3 | 4*4 (Deep Square)

CHEMICAL FREE : These areca leaf plates are made from a chemical-free production process with no chemical polish or wax finish on the plates; just pure palm leaf. Therefore, they are safe for human use.

Shelf Life : 12 months (if in intact sealed pack)

Use in : Homes, Hotels, Restaurants, Fast Food centers, Parties, Picnics, Outdoor Caterings and accepted in many other ways where such plates used as “use & throw”.

Packaging : Primary pack of 25Pcs in Shrink-wrap pack (inserted Silica gel sachet)

Carton Size : 200 / 250 / 300 units of primary pack as per size.

  • All shown photos and images are for sample reference purpose.
  • We are with many more designs and varieties for all categories.
  • Your valuable enquiries will be fulfilled with all designs and specifications!

All products are exclusively for Export trade only!

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