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Jaipur Blue Pottery: A Story Of Non-Clay Pottery.

Blue pottery is a traditional craft of Jaipur, India that has its roots in the Turko-Persian style. Widely recognized, this art form has been passed down through generations and continues to be celebrated today.

Blue pottery, a traditional skill of Jaipur, arrived in the city only in the 17th century. The technique is Turko-Persian in origin and reached East India with Turkish conquests during the 14th century. It flourished under Mughal patronage and gets its name from extensive use of cobalt blue dye to give items a striking tint.

Specialties of Blue Pottery

Blue pottery stands apart from traditional pottery due to the lack of clay in its composition. Instead, quartz stone powder, powdered glass, borax, gum, Multani earth, water and sometimes soda bicarbonate are used to make a dough-like mixture which is then glazed with Chinese glazing technology for a finished product.

Blue pottery from Jaipur is recognizable in local markets and decorated with blue and gold colours. It often features images of birds, animals such as horses or camels.

Making of Blue Pottery

Making blue pottery is a complex and time-intensive procedure. The moulding dough is made by combining five main ingredients, which are then rolled into thin pancakes and placed in moulds with a mixture of stones and ash.

The mould is turned upside down and removed, with the resulting dough set aside to dry. The pottery is cleaned and shaped before being polished with sandpaper. It then dries after immersion in a solution of quartz powder, powdered glass, edible flour and water. Finally it’s decorated using cobalt oxide mixed with edible gum which has been crushed on stone applied by brush.

Jaipur’s ancient ceramic culture remains beautiful despite changes.

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Blue Pottery Vases

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Dishes & Plates

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[ HS Code-69120090 ]

Blue Pottery Vases

Vases can be used as a center piece or corner decor accent.

Blue pottery vases are known for their attractive designs and bright colours.

Jars & Bowls

Elevate your kitchen décor with our exquisite collection of blue pottery jars and bowls. Our selection includes a variety of styles to add some flavor to any space

Dishes & Plates


  • Handmade by artisans in Jaipur
  • Traditional art upheld by generations
  • Perfect for home décor and kitchenware

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